Who We Are

We are the Harrimans, Don and Lynn, birding guides and resident birders at Tahoe’s south shore.

We believe the best way to observe our bird friends is to move quietly and attentively through their habitat, pausing often, looking and listening. Though we pleasure in seeing lots of bird species, we always hope for glimpses into the workings of nature.

Kersplash, an Osprey drops from the sky, rises with a fresh catch, circles higher, higher overhead, and hustles away before Baldy can rob him.
Magpies choose sticks for nest building in the willows.
A White-crowned Sparrow feeds its foster-child Brown-headed Cowbird.
Baby Mergansers race to ride momma’s back.
That’s what we hope to see. Come see with us.

And there’s more than birds – butterflies, dragonflies, wildflowers, coyotes. Whatever’s there, we’ll have a look together.