Spring Snow at Upper Truckee Marsh

Upper Truckee Marsh

Getting out of the truck, first bird of the day – a White-headed Woodpecker. Nice beginning to a birding outing. A Northern Flicker pounds away at someones siding. A Robin squeaks. Pygmy Nuthatch and Mountain Chickadee chime in from the canopy above, as Steller’s Jays scold someone about something a little ways off. Yes, a nice beginning.

Snow on the ground, mountains, clouds

Upper Truckee Marsh after late March snow

After a spring-like winter, and an ongoing drought, it’s nice to have the snow that brightens the Upper Truckee Marsh. 

Marsh Wren in willows

Marsh wrens are claiming territory early this year


Red-winged Blackbirds greet the morning, singing away in the willows. Song Sparrows and a Marsh Wren add to the chorus. With all the warm weather Tahoe has had, spring seems so early, they’ve already been singing for weeks.


Ducks swimming

Common Mergansers splashing about

Looks like the resident beaver have been busy again. The water level in the marsh has been down, then up, down, and now up again. There is a dam out beyond this picture and more off to the right that make this pond in Trout Creek. My speculation is something has been dam-busting, but have no idea what.

River, trees, clouds

The pines are a favorite Bald Eagle perch – but not today.


The Upper Truckee Marsh is usually a good spot for birds of prey. Not this day.

We’ve been very lucky over the last year with Bald Eagle sightings, but it’s been two weeks now. Osprey should be returning to Tahoe any day – there’s a colony over in Emerald Bay.