Life in the Raw

Upper Truckee Marsh


On the Upper Truckee Delta

So this Bald Eagle is perched in the pines at the mouth of the Upper Truckee. And it’s off, straight out over the lake. We carry on, drinking cocoa, watching the Snowy Egrets working the river edge. And the gulls go up.

What do you do when the gulls go up? Look for Baldy. Coming straight back from where he(she?) went. With food. Lands out on the sand spit.

Five minutes? Ten minutes? This wasn’t a quick fish grab. Sure enough, feathers start flying. Coot? Duck? Peering through the scope — looks like a duck head. Feathers continue to fly. What are the Egrets doing? Mallards drift by. Still eating.

After a while, the eagle flies off to the west. What was the meal? Let’s go look. CSI mission. Guess the leftovers left with the eagle.


All that was left…