Brewer’s Blackbird Invasion

Taylor Creek

Brewer’s Blackbirds. Brewer’s Blackbirds. Everywhere Brewer’s Blackbirds.

Brewers Blackbird male

Brewer’s Balckbird male

Female Brewer's Blackbird

Female Brewer’s Blackbird adds to the chorus









Duck on flooded trail

Beavers keep flooding this section of the Rainbow Trail



Beaver have been busy removing trees and restructuring the waterscape. It won’t be long before the Forest Service reclaims the trail by breaking the dam. Again.

Mallards enjoy foraging the extended territory.



Giant Trillium

Giant Trillium – a rarity at 6000+ feet



We’ve been watching this Giant Trillium for several years. Found in California’s Coast Ranges,¬†how did it come to be here?




Lynn leads the way

Follow me down the Rainbow Trail



Lynn leads the way through a grove of Aspens heavy with catkins.




Mourning Cloaks overwinter as butterflies




We find a Mourning Cloak Butterfly, emerged from its winter shelter.