Notes at the end of March

Cove East

A winter’s morning in spring. Despite the clouds and chill, singers were out, marking territory and looking for mates. Robin and Junco and Song Sparrow, with Red-winged Blackbirds off in the marsh across the river.

Have I mentioned there’s always something interesting at Cove East? How about a band of Bushtits flitting in the willows? Little birds not exciting enough? How about something big?

White Pelicans

White Pelicans stopping by the Upper Truckee delta

Not far from the Pelicans, an early flight of American Avocets took a rest on their way north.

Osgood’s Swamp

With fresh overnight snow, we strapped on our brand new XC skis and headed out to Osgood’s Swamp. Since beaver took over some years back, it’s not so much a swamp as a pond, but ducks like it and there are usually forest birds about.

Well, not so much this Sunday. Ice was the order of the day on the pond. And the woods were surprisingly quiet. We did have one delightful sighting. A brilliant red Pine Grosbeak male perched in a dead fir top. There was a female too, flitting in lower branches, not very visible. Usually, Pine Grosbeaks are found at higher elevations. Very kind of them to come down and visit.