Birding at Lake Tahoe


Visiting Tahoe? Bring binos? Go Birding!

*** Due to Covid we are not doing outings at this time – contact our friend Kirk at Red Tail Adventures. ***

Birds love South Tahoe’s mix of lakefront, marsh, meadow, forest and riparian habitats.
Birders love the mix of birds. Western mountain residents. Seasonal visitors. Migrants. Wide-spread species.

Where are good places to bird at Tahoe?
What birds might I see?
Is there someone to show me around?
Bird Tahoe is here to help.

Looking to have experienced local birders guide you? – What We Do
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A little birder quiz:

What do you call a woodpecker with a white head?
— White-headed Woodpecker
Where can you see a White-headed Woodpecker?
— Lake Tahoe

What do you call an eagle with a white head?
— Bald Eagle
Where can you see a Bald Eagle?
— Lake Tahoe

What do you call a chickadee with a white eyebrow?
— Mountain Chickadee
Where can you see a Mountain Chickadee?
— Lake Tahoe

Where can you see a Steller’s Jay, Western Tanager, Pygmy Nuthatch, Mountain Bluebird, American Dipper, Red-breasted Sapsucker, Nashville Warbler and many other Mountain/Western birds?
— Lake Tahoe

Go birding at Tahoe with Bird Tahoe as your guide.